Sunday, December 7, 2014



Appaya Dikshithar was a very great scholar who lived several centuries ago. He was an ardent devotee of Siva.
He has authored many important works on various subjects.
He was always mindful of Siva.

He had a doubt. He was thinking that he was mindful of Siva only when he is conscious. Would he be thinking of Siva even when he is unconscious or loses his mind?

He wanted to find out.

Uumaththai is shrub that is very poisonous. It is otherwise called 'maththam'. This is one of flowers that adorn the head of Lord Siva. 'maththamum madhiyamum vaiththidum aran magan'- Thiruppugalz.

Its seeds cause hallucination.That mental state is known as 'unmaththam'. 'Uumaththai' is from 'unmaththam'.

Appaya Dikshithar prepared a kashaayam from uumaththai seeds. He also prepared an antidote for the uumaththai kashaayam.

He instructed his disciples that they should watch over him after he has taken the kashaayam. They should note down
carefully whatever he does and say during the time that he is under the effect of uumaththai. After some time, they should administer the antidote.

Then he took the kashaayam. Then he started talking. The disciples took down everything.

After the specified time, they gave him the antidote.

When the writings of the disciples was compiled it was seen that Appaya Dikshithar and infact sung the glories of Lord Siva in beautiful verses even in his state of stupor.

That collection of verses is known as the 'UNMATHTHA PANCHAASATH'' - 'THE HALLUCINATED FIFTY-ONE'.