Wednesday, October 26, 2011



It is a normal beleif that we, the Tamils, were writing on Palmyra palm leaves with a stylus called elzuththaaNi.
We also had other writing materials.
We used ink.
Which means that we had other types of paper-like materials. 
Logically thinking, we deduce that if there is ink, there has to be a surface for using it. Writing, drawing, sketching, etc. 
You cant draw a map on a palm leaf, can you?
Unless you miniaturise it or make it a thumbnail sketch. Then you will have use a magnifying glass.
And this of course would raise another question - Did the Tamils have magnifying glass?

Ok then, let us see about the ink business.

 Young Kadukkaay and Maasikkaay - 5 parts
 AnnabEthi - 2 parts
 Kaasik katti - 1 part
 Gum from the Neem(VEppamaram) 
 mixed with 
 Gum from ViLaamaram - 1/2 part

 Powder them in a mortar with a pestle.
 Keep in a small kuduvai(container)
 Add sufficient hot water when necessary and use it. 

 Let us see about the other writing materials.


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